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What to Pack

You are ready to go, to start your new life - and now you need to decide what you will take with you? Maybe the below is a little helpful in making the right choices.

Duffle bag

Suitcases or bags?

Space onboard the ship is limited and it is very limited in your cabin. Therefore I mostly traveled with duffle-bags and the likes. They fit into the smallest spaces, even in a little corner of the little closet.

Clothes and Shoes

You will spend most of your time in Uniform. With the Uniform you need your shoes, socks, stockings and your underwear.

Then you would want some comfortable shoes to go ashore with - best some which will deal with a wide range of different weather conditions.

The same applies to your clothes. Even if your itinerary calls for a season in the Caribbean - please remember you could be transferred to another ship in a heartbeat - and end up in Alaska or in Europe during the winter season.

The “onion principle” has always helped me a great deal. T-Shirts I can wear under a blouse, to which I can add a sweater and a windbreaker if necessary.

I always have one set of “dress up clothes” with me - one never knows when this might be needed.

What to Pack


As for toiletries, I would take everything with me, what I need for the start. It can be annoying to try to find toothpaste and other basics in the first week onboard. Most ships do have a crew shop, where those basics can be purchased - so please bring some money with you - in the ship’s currency (depends for which cruise line you work).


While in most crew cabins, hairdryers are installed, I prefer to take my own - it is more powerful and therefore faster. Please remember to bring one which is compatible with the electrical outlets on the ship. A couple of adapters are always good to have too.

Written by Scarlet Perez