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Top 4 Reasons Why Attending a Cruise Job Fair Will Increase Your Hiring Success

There is no arguing that a strong CV can make all the difference to securing an interview; however can you honestly say that your CV reflects the real you? Sure, it may detail your qualifications and work experiences, but does it reveal your passion for the role or your personality?

Studies show, employers are more inclined to hire someone they can imagine working with than a stranger, and given the industry - cruise ships - you don't want to be trapped on a ship with someone who is the wrong fit.

That is why, cruise job fairs are so beneficial. Not only do they enable you to bypass generic email addresses and the 'Gate Keepers' responsible for passing on your CV; they allow you to speak directly with your preferred cruise lines; hand over your CV in person and most importantly, give you the chance to showcase your passion, drive and personality.

Without interview, you can impress potential employees and make a lasting positive impression.

But this is not the only reason, why cruise job fairs can improve your employability:

Top 4 Reasons Why Attending a Cruise Job Fair Will Increase Your Hiring Success

1. Instant interviews

It is a well-known fact that many cruise recruitment firms will offer interviews on the spot to the right candidates. There have even been cases where actual jobs have been offered!

So instead of going through the lengthy process of sending an application, waiting for a response and being invited for an interview - which can take weeks - cruise job fairs can help you to skip a step and land an immediate interview.

At the same time, it is important to remember that job fairs are filled with a whole host of potential employers, meaning within a matter of hours - not weeks - you can talk directly to recruiters; get your CV seen then and there, and line up interviews from numerous cruise lines.

2. Recruiters are looking for candidates

You should never forget that cruise lines and recruitment agencies are exhibiting themselves for a reason – they are looking to fill job roles. They are searching for the perfect candidates to take up the mantle and keep their cruise line at the top of their game. In other words, they WANT to speak to you. They WANT to strike up conversations. They are there with the mission of locating potential employees, making contacts and hopefully creating a shortlist for interview.

Like you, they want to cut out the application process too, so instead of shying away - use this opportunity grab their attention. With the right attitude, body language and CV, you could end up on their shortlist.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no guarantee that you'll walk away with an interview or a job; however cruise job fairs afford you the opportunity to make yourself and your CV memorable. Without the obstruction of computers and endless emails, employers are instead able to put a face to your words, whilst grasping who you are as a person and if you are the right fit.

3. Training Centres

You won't only find cruise lines and recruitment agencies at cruise job fairs. A number of reputable training centres also choose to attend these events. And this is good news for you, as this is your chance to get your CV reviewed and analysed, as well as receive interview tips and suggestions on how to improve your skills, qualifications and work experience.

In turn, training centres can show you how to make your applications more appealing and successfully match your skill-sets to roles. Such services usually come with a fee; however at these types of events training centres are willing to offer free consultations to entice you towards their services. So take advantage and let them help you to strengthen your applications.

4. Networking

Even if you walk away from the event with no interview, cruise job fairs are the perfect location to establish a network and build a rapport with cruise lines, training centres and fellow applicants. In fact, in one location you can witness successful candidates in action and learn from their demonstrations. You can study their body language, clothing choices and CV style, so you can emulate their behaviour and boost your employability chances.

Cruise job fairs can offer you more than the chance to see who is recruiting. At every corner they can boost your employability and interview chances.

From their networking opportunities, to your unlimited access to training advice, to being able to bypass normal application protocols and hand your CV directly to your favoured cruise lines; at one event you can learn everything you need to get your dream job and more.

So what are you waiting for? Visit today.