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The Crew Shop

A new, fantastic service for employees onboard cruise ships has been launched by The Crew Shop. Here is what they told us about themselves:

The Crew Shop

Whilst working onboard ships for many years, we have been able to see what services there are for Crew Members and what could be beneficial if introduced.

As Crew Members ourselves, we would use this service so we conducted a survey and we found there to be a big demand for this kind of service.

Our customers will mostly be Crew Members working on Cruise Ships, but we also offer the service to all personnel on ships sailing into Southampton.

We came up with a revolutionary idea to deliver shopping to Crew Members. There is a great demand for this type of service as the majority of Crew Members have little time to go ashore, especially on a turnaround day when new passengers are arriving.

We are now helping a lot in giving Crew Members the opportunity to make more of their spare time without having to worry about finding a supermarket or walking round lots of stores with heavy bags.

Crew Members can order our products through our website and will soon also be able to order via a Rep who will be a fellow Crew Member.

Once you have ordered we will arrange a time with the Crew Member for collection at the terminal their ship docks in Southampton.

We offer all kinds of products including day to day products and International Products for specific nationalities.

We aim to launch soon in the USA and Australia.

The Cruise industry is growing rapidly all the time and has become an excellent industry to work in and a great way to see the world!

The Crew Shop Team