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Norwegian Cruise Company to Start-Up with New Build in 2019

Norwegian Cruise Company, a new cruise line, intends to begin operations in 2019 with a super-elegant 180-passenger vessel.

Their product and brand messaging: a luxury adventure cruise line that will stimulate a mega yacht experience.

The planning stages began in 2016. CEO Ulf Henrick Wynnsdale claims that, according to studies observed in the market regarding smaller ships, it would be a more adventurous product, and simultaneously, the elegant aspect of that segment currently doesn't have a lot of room.

Norwegian Cruise Company to Start-Up with New Build in 2019

Original ideas involved the construction of as many as 6 ships in 2019 and 2020. The business has signed several letters of intent with numerous suppliers and shipyards.

The boats will be prepared for polar operation.

According to Wynnsdale, Norwegian Cruise Company wants to provide boat lovers with the option to sail anywhere. With that in mind, when constructing the vessel, adding polar class doesn't warrant extra effort. Their itineraries will include the polar regions where demand resides.

The elegant ships will have 90 cabins each beginning at 36 square meters. Wynnsdale names the Scenic Eclipse as its closest competitor.

Norwegian Cruise Company is located in Oslo and is currently developing a presence in Miami.

We will update you about job availabilities onboard Norwegian Cruise Company's ships once they begin recruiting in 2 years' time.