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Missing the Ship

If you go ashore while your ship is in port, you must do all you can not to miss it. It will get you into severe trouble if you do miss your ship.

Not being onboard at the "crew all aboard time"

Before you go ashore, you should always check the crew all onboard time. You will find a board with all times at the gangway.

In general all employees must be onboard 1 hour prior to the ships sailing time. For guests it is usually 30 minutes prior to sailing time.

Always go by the time displayed on the gangway. You might know when the ship is scheduled to depart, but the departure time could have been changed without you knowing about it.

Should you not be onboard at the set time, preparations are made to inform the port agent, who will inform the local authorities. Your passport will be handed over to the port agent as well as your next of kin information you left with the crew purser when you signed on.

The port agent will be in touch with the local police and hospitals to find out if you were involved in an accident, or if you have been arrested.

Your passport is handed over to the port agent, so you can fly out of whatever country you might be in.

If you've missed the ships departure because you forgot the time, where stuck in traffic, had trouble to get back to the ship, fell asleep on the beach, had a great time in a bar etc, then, in most cases, you will be dismissed. You might be allowed to embark the ship the next day, to pack your belongings and then fly home.

If you've missed the ship due to an accident you had (there needs to be prove from a doctor/hospital and port agent for this), your belongings will be packed for you and sent to the address you give.

There is a chance that you may be able to start a new contract with the cruise line you worked for after you recover.

In case you are dismissed, chances are that you will need to look for a new cruise line to employ you.

Therefore I suggest that you always pay close attention to the announces all aboard time for crew members and that you allow plenty of time to get back to the ship when ashore.

Written by Scarlet Perez
Missing the Ship