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8 Important Job Seeker Qualities

Not everyone can work on a cruise ship. There are many qualities and skills that a person has to have to make a recruiter want to employ you.

We have picked out the top 8 qualities that we believe are the most important when looking for a job on a cruise ship.

1. Positive Personality

You must have a "can-do" attitude. Smiling is a natural thing that everyone can do and having an infectious personality is also an added bonus. You should also be easily approachable and ready to help someone at all times.

2. Energetic

Many cruise ship job descriptions list "Must be energetic" as a requirement. You need to have a lot of energy to work 7 days a week for your whole contract.

3. Able to Problem Solve

Cruise employers want their crew to be able to think on their feet. Are you adaptable to change with the ability to perform calmly under pressure?

8 Important Job Seeker Qualities

4. Must be a Team Player

Those that can take direction but also have the ability to manage others make great employees.

5. Have Proven Sales Experience

Many cruise ship jobs rely on the ability to sell (gift shop, cruise sales, port & shopping guide, shore excursions, event planning, photographer to name a few). Your resume should highlight your sales accomplishments.

6. Must be Customer Service Driven

The cruise industry is a highly guest focused place to work. Concentrate on how you are able to deal with difficult customers along with how you have positively impacted guest experience.

7. Work Ethic

Do you pride yourself on exceeding the expectations of your employers and customers? Have you had jobs where you have worked more than 60 hours per week? Can you carry our tasks without being asked? Are you proactive?

8. Have Excellent Communication Skills

How you communicate tells a lot about yourself. Start with having a excellent attention to detail on your resume (written communication). Before an interview, brush up on verbal communication skills such as eye contact, listening and a positive tone in your voice.