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How to Keep Up Your MSW Studies While You're Traveling

A lot of people like the idea of helping others and want to make it their career. Doing something like an online masters in social work can open up the door to a career where you can make a difference in a lot of people's lives, for instance by working with underprivileged communities, helping families, or counseling people with mental health problems and helping them recover. Online MSW programs enable you to learn what you need to do this kind of work in your own time and in a flexible and convenient way, which means a lot of people choose to do them while also taking on other challenges, like traveling for charity.

However, it can be hard to match the time needed for study and the resources you need with a travel adventure. How can you best keep on track with studying for your online MSW while also making a difference right now through your travels?

Download Materials You Can Look At Anywhere

One of the main problems you might face is not having a stable internet connection everywhere you go. This can make it hard for you to study your course materials if you usually just look at them online and haven't downloaded the materials you need. Having things stored on your computer, tablet or phone means you can study even when you are in places with poor internet, or in transit on buses or trains with no access to the web. Travel time is basically dead time, so is a very good time to use for study. You may also find it helpful to print some things off you can use for your studies in case you have times where your devices are dead.

Time Management

On the practical side, having access to course materials while on the move helps a lot. However, the other resource you may struggle with is time. Setting aside time to study just as you would at home is key. Some people find making a schedule helps and allocating time to their course as they would for any other kind of important appointment. This means you see that time as being completely blocked off and don't accept invitations or make other plans that clash with it. You can, of course, be a bit flexible and move your study window around if something you really want to do comes up, but thinking of studying as an important engagement can help you ensure you don't get behind while you're traveling and don't have your normal routine to keep you in check!

Relate to Your Course

Try and keep in the mindset of learning. As you travel, you will meet lots of people and have lots of experiences that can make you better as an MSW candidate. Think about the things you encounter in the context of your course and social work and you'll stay motivated.

There is no reason you can't study successfully while also having great travel experiences if you keep these ideas in mind.