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How to get a Medical Job on a Cruise Ship

Cruising is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry, which also means endless employment opportunities. Traveling around the world and visiting some of the most exotic places while getting paid for it is one of the most alluring aspects of a career at sea. However, navigating through the hiring stage is one of the most daunting tasks. Therefore, it is vital to understand the hiring practices of different cruise liners and matching your qualifications and skills to the desired job.

Medical Department

Cruise ships offer the positions of chief doctors, doctors/physicians, and nurse practitioners. The chief doctor is responsible for the entire cruise ship's medical facilities and medical crew. Minimum requirements are a doctorate degree and stipulated experience, mostly 2-3 post-graduate years. The doctor offers treatment to the passengers and crew members. Doctors should have extensive experience in different areas including but not limited to primary care, trauma, internal medicine, and family practice.

The nurse practitioner is responsible for the medical care of the passengers and crew in addition to carrying out administrative duties. While nurses of all levels are needed, nurses who have completed a nurse practitioner doctorate degree are in high demand right now. Good news is that those with an MSN can get an MSN to DNP online from various reputed institutions.

How to get a Medical Job on a Cruise Ship

How to Apply for Cruise Ship Job

Often, cruise lines are too busy to engage in the humongous task of hiring. Thus, they work together with employment/recruitment agencies to get employees. While searching for an agency, beware of scammers. If an agency guarantees you a job after paying some money, run. Most cruise liners list their hiring partners, mostly depending on the geographic location.

You can also register and apply on cruise industry's leading job board All Cruise Jobs, which lists latest medical jobs on cruise ships.

Tips on Getting that Cruise Ship Job

Recruitment agencies undoubtedly receive thousands of job applications every week. The success of your application is dependent on different factors, such as your timing, qualifications, availability of vacancies, and persistence. Nevertheless, using different job-hunting tactics minimizes the risks of having your application end up as a crumpled ball in the dustbin.

First, develop a solid resume. Regardless of the varying modes of hiring among cruise ships, a professional resume with a clear indication of your education background, skills, and experience will appeal to any potential employer. Applying to different potential employers also increases your chances of landing that job.

Cruise jobs are highly competitive, so do not give up if you receive no response after your first application. Persistence is the key. Apply as many times and to many employers as possible. In-depth research on the different players in the industry arms you with the knowledge of the different hiring practices and qualifications, which, if well presented, will put you above your peers. You also should use your personality to your advantage if you want to stand apart.

Getting a job on a cruise ship isn’t that complicated once you know the procedure. However, you will have to do the extra work when searching for listing and put your best foot forward if you want to separate yourself from the tons of other candidates.