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How to get a Cruise Ship job the easy way

How to get a cruise ship job the easy way

eBook Review

Our rating: 4.5

Cruise Recruitment Information Pack
© Mermaid Group 2010
103 pages

Providing information for job seekers, the Cruise Recruitment Information Pack published by the Mermaid Group will provide insight into the exciting world of cruise ship jobs.

The Cruise Recruitment Information Pack by the Mermaid Group offers an overview of the cruise industry for those seeking cruise ship jobs. Offering sections such as the Interview process, Know Your Cruise Lines, plus a Directory, the guide delves into the inside world of cruising.

The Interview portion of the guide starts off rather quickly by covering possible interview questions job seekers may be asked. While it takes a somewhat tongue and cheek approach, the Cruise Recruitment Information Pack includes solid advice as to what to expect during an interview and how to prepare to answer potential questions.

Although the sections on interviewing, cruise ship life, and Resumes / CVs could have been presented in a more logical order, this guide provides easy to follow detailed information on creating your CV and suggests ways to help ‘play up’ your best assets. This may be the most valuable advice the guide has to offer and is sure to become dog eared with the constructive reference material it provides. The guide also includes an introduction to psychometric testing along with a sample CV and cover letter.

To help job seekers understand what a cruise ship job can entail, the Cruise Recruitment Information Pack takes the time to explain what’s expected of all cruise ship employees. This description includes general rules and regulations of cruise ship life, transportation, customer service, transportation, employee internet access, and an insight to job hierarchy onboard a cruise ship.

While learning the background of a cruise line is important, readers of Know Your Cruise Lines may have benefited more from a brief introductory paragraph followed by a list of cruise ships and quick facts about them such as their routing, ports of calls, and basic ship facts including passenger to crew ratio.

The Directory section of the Cruise Recruitment Information Pack offers an alphabetical listing of cruise lines along with their employment contact information. This would prove to be a great reference for any cruise ship job seeker.

Overall, the Cruise Recruitment Information Pack by the Mermaid Group provides useful information that’s sure to prove valuable for prospective cruise ship employees.

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