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Cruise Job Help now accepts offline payments

Cruise Job Help, popular consultancy service helping job seeker in their job hunt, now accepts offline payments, too.

If you are looking for a job on a cruise ship but don't know where to start, what to do, where to apply, which jobs to apply for, etc.... Cruise Job Help is here for you.

Cruise Job Help

Cruise Job Help is not a free service. If you register with them, their experienced consultants will spend some time reviewing your CV/resume, your qualifications and work experience, and will give you helpful feedback on your CV/Resume, tell you what your chances of getting a job are, if you're applying for wrong jobs, which jobs you should go for, which qualifications you'll need, etc.

Armed with their 15-page assessment report, your chances of landing the job of your dreams will significantly increase. And all of that for just $15 USD! That's what we call great value for money.

Up until now Cruise Job Help could help only those of you who were able to pay online via Paypal or credit card. By popular demand, they started accepting offline payments via MoneyGram and Western Union today, making the service accessible to those of you who cannot pay online.

Do you still want to work on a cruise ship? If yes, don't hesitate and register with Cruise Job Help today. You won't be disappointed.