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First hand experience of the Cruise Job Fair in London 2016

You might have heard about it, you might have been lucky enough to participate in it – the latest successful Cruise Job Fair which was held on June 24th 2016 in London.

To get a feel for the day, and/or try to find a photo of yourself, please check out the Gallery section on the website. This can also show you what you can expect if you plan to come to the next Cruise Job Fair, which will be held on November 24th, 2016 in Liverpool.

In the meantime, I'd like to tell you about the event in London. With 150 recruiters and more than 850 job seekers, this was the largest Cruise Job Fair ever organized.

You probably know that personal contact and good communication is key in getting a job nowadays. The cruise industry is no different and a job fair, exclusively for the cruise industry, can well be the key to open doors for you as a job seeker.

I was lucky enough to attend this event, and was able to talk directly with recruiters from leading cruise lines, recruiting agencies, service offering organizations and concessionaires.

Therefore I am taking this opportunity to provide you with the latest and most up-to date information on what is important to those potentially hiring you for a position on board.

Here is a recap on how to best prepare for a Cruise Job Fair as a job seeker.

First hand experience of the Cruise Job Fair in London 2016
  1. Based on the work experience you have, and after doing research, decide which positions you plan to apply for.

  2. Prepare a good CV/Resume tailored for that position you plan to apply for.

    You might want to visit to get advice and an extensive assessment report regarding point 1 and 2

  3. Spell and grammar check your CV/Resume. Try to have a CV/Resume which is not longer than 2 pages, and keep the "30 second rule" many recruiters operate in mind.

    An article about the "Recruiters 30 second rule" is exclusively part of a Cruise Job Help Assessment Report, together with other specialized reports.

  4. Decide how many copies of your CV/Resume you should take, then make 10 extra! It is always better to have too many than too few. Keep them neatly in a folder to make sure they survive the trip to the event, and are in an immaculate condition when you hand them to Recruiters.

  5. Plan your trip in detail. It is vital that you correctly calculate traveling times and allow extra time for any unexpected delays due to traffic etc. You might want to consider taking a spare shirt with you, in case you need to change before you step in front of potential new employers and want to look smart and smell fresh. Dress in a business like way, appropriate for the position you are applying for. You only get one chance to make your best impression.

  6. If you are a smoker do not smoke just before you enter The Cruise Job Fair, and dispose of chewing gum before speaking to the Recruiters.

  7. When you get to the Cruise Job Fair you will receive a Visitor Guide. I suggest you take a few minutes to read this as it contains essential information, including a Floor Plan and Talks Itinerary to help you get the most from the event.

    The Visitor Guide includes information on which cruise lines are present, and, most importantly which positions they are recruiting for that day. This will help you decide which Recruiters you need to see, and so you do not waste time queuing to speak to a Recruiter who is not looking to fill the position you plan to apply for.

I hope to see you at the next Cruise Job Fairs in the UK or elsewhere.

Written by Scarlet Perez