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Christmas and New Year’s Eve onboard a Cruise Ship

For most people Christmas means to be at home with family and friends. When you are onboard a ship, your family might be thousands of miles away, in a different time zone - and you might not be able to even call when your family is having their Christmas Dinner.

This can be difficult and depressing, and even more so, when you have to be smiling to the guests, wish them Happy Holidays, say that you are well and pretend that you don’t mind to spend your time onboard. Yet, this comes with the job.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve onboard a Cruise Ship

Christmas Decoration

While the ships are being decorated with Trees and Gingerbread houses for the guests, there is not much decoration in the crew quarters. If you like to have Christmas decoration in your cabin, on most ships you can do so - however, please follow the rules on that

Most ships require that the chain of blinking lights and the likes are checked by the ship’s electrician before you can put them up. This is not to give you a hard time, but to dminimize hazards.

Celebrating Christmas and the New Year

All ships I know, will have a Christmas dinner for the Crew. Most offer religious services of some kind. If Christmas is important to you, I recommend you become part of the Crew Welfare committee to actively participate.  

There is normally a crew party held on New Year’s Eve - however unless the ship is docked somewhere overnight in port, you most likely will not see a firework, while at sea.

Family and Friends

Yes, most likely you will miss being with your family and friends during this time. On the other hand you have much more friends around you, than you ever would at home.

With more contracts under your belt, these times will become easier and you will get used to it. And who knows, the next year you might be on vacation during this time and can enjoy the time with your family again.

I have also met people, which prefer to spend Christmas and New Year’s onboard - so after you experience this once, you might see your celebration at home in a complete different light.

In this sense, we wish all crew members who will spend this Holiday season onboard a ship, a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Written by Scarlet Perez