Cruise Job Fair - Toronto 2019Cruise Job Fair - Toronto 2019Cruise Job Fair - Toronto 2019

Captain's Welcome

By Capt. Juraj Boroš,
the Director of Tatra Marine Ltd.

Lots of young people dream about working at sea and especially on cruise ships, but few can imagine what cruise jobs are really like. The reality is that candidates for cruise ship employment have to realise that they are applying for a job, not a holiday!

If they are accepted at their interview with a representative of a particular cruise line they cannot choose the cruise ship or the trading area but must strictly comply with the requirements of the Cruise Line which hired them.

New crew members on a cruise ship have to undergo some degree of training after joining the ship, and must accept discipline and various restrictions (e.g. not to enter the passenger area when not on duty). Their supervisors will expect them to work hard with a permanent smile on their face. On the other hand, cruise ship work gives young people a good income and the chance to visit a variety of beautiful and exotic places.

If you wish to know the sea, its beauty, colours and aromas, and to get a job on a cruise liner, all you have to do is to contact your nearest crewing (recruitment) agent and they will inform you about the opportunities, requirements and your chances of getting a cruise job.

After a phone call, if the agent thinks your chances are really good, they will invite you to a personal pre-interview at the recruitment agency. If you meet all the criteria and speak good English, you will be offered a registration and later you will be invited to specific interviews with representatives of the cruise lines.

At the end of the whole process is your embarkation on the designated cruise ship. You will work at sea with a good (but hard!) job on board the cruise liner. Of course, the sea is not always smooth and beautiful, it can be also dangerous and tough. You will have to deal with your ship rolling and pitching on the ocean waves, and with passengers who will be seasick and whom you will have to look after (or clean up after).

Interested? Then don't hesitate and contact your nearest crewing/recruitment agent to get a dream cruise job!