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Working on a cruise ship? Best experience of my life!

Working on a cruise ship is the best experience of my life. There are a few things you need to remember though.

Sarah Kathrin

First and foremost, I had to give up a lot of comforts from home: privacy, being noisy, eating when I wanted, wearing my own clothing, working an 8 hour day, being my own boss.

I packed way too much in two suitcases and ended up leaving things there, because I couldn't pack to go home. Meeting individuals from all over the world was amazing. You begin to realize how large the world is when you get out there and are introduced to new sights, sounds, and smells.

I'll tell you, its not until you work a 12-14 hour a day, 7 day work week that you realize what work is. You are so tired some days that you barely know you are alive, but then you will go to a crew talent show or party and you are alive and having a great time. I loved that aspect.

Working on a cruise ship? Best experience of my life!

Everyone is really friendly and don't worry about the language barriers. We all tried and laughed and had a grand old time.

Its stressful though. I had to remember that I was there for guests and not to have a good time. You forget that when you first sign on.

I would tell anyone to try this life, because they will never regret it.

Sarah Kathrin, USA