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Be specific and focussed when applying

When completing any type of application form, it is always a good idea to make sure that you are very specific on what roles you have previously been employed in and not putting down jobs that you 'think' you would be good at.

Staying focussed on the type of roles that you want to apply for and stating what actual experience you have will increase your chances of recruiters choosing your application above all the others.

Be specific and focussed when applying

A recruiter knows that a potential candidate may not have all the skills they are looking for but stating that you have everything is unrealistic.

It will not look good to a recruiter if you can do several types of jobs that cover a number of different categories such as a waiter, fitness instructor, cleaner, masseur and receptionist as you will be seen to be stating that 'you can do anything and everything' which means that you are not serious about the jobs that you are applying for.

If you are not sure of what cruise ship jobs you are best suited for, you need to do some homework and read through the requirements of the jobs you are most interested in. Alternatively, you could visit Cruise Job Help for personal advice on which jobs you should apply for and other questions you may have.