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Are you applying for wrong jobs?

Have you been trying to get a cruise ship job for too long without success? Have you not been invited to a single job interview?

Maybe you are applying for wrong jobs

  • Some jobs require previous work experience onboard a cruise ship. If you haven't got any but you apply for such positions, your applications will not be successful. However, there are positions that do not require such experience.
  • Some jobs require specific qualifications and certificates. Do you know which ones are needed for jobs of your choice? Do you have them?
  • Some jobs require a good level of the English language. However, there are positions onboard cruise ships for which even basic English is satisfactory.
  • Some jobs are open only for candidates from certain countries. For example, if you are from the USA, Canada, Australia, Western Europe, etc, your chances of becoming a Fireman, Laundryman, Cleaner (etc.) are very limited.
Are you applying for wrong jobs?

We can help you!

Register with today. Our experienced consultants can look at your details and:

  • Assess your previous work experience and suggest if you need more relevant experience;
  • Suggest which certificates you need to apply for jobs of your choice;
  • Tell you if you if you need to improve your English or if your English is satisfactory for jobs you want to get;
  • Estimate your chances of getting the desired jobs;
  • Suggest other positions you might be more suitable for;
  • Give you a lot o useful information about working on cruise ships.

Is it free?

No, it isn't. Consultants spend some time on each application and they have to be paid for it. However, the price is only $15.

Don't waste your chances! Would you rather keep applying for jobs you cannot get, or spend $15 and significantly increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams?

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