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A day in the life of a Port Shopping Guide

A warm welcome to you, I have been told that you are a shopping enthusiast like me. My name is Heather, and thanks to my ancestors, I can speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese. I am not sure, where I got my love of shopping from, but this passion has made me the perfect port shopping guide.

While many guests decide to come on a cruise to see other countries and cultures, there are also a large number of people, who want to do nothing else but go shopping. While not all cruise lines have the position of port shopping guide, some do and it is a great job for those who have no past work experience in the cruise line industry.

A day in the life of a Port Shopping Guide

As my job title says, whilst we are in port, I take the guests interested in shopping into the right shops. I maintain a good relationship with all the stores who participate in this program but at the same time I am always on the lookout for new and interesting opportunities so that I can provide the shoppers with an experience of a life-time.

If you are a good sales person who is driven and motivated and can increase sales and enjoy performance based incentives and bonuses, you came to the right place.

I hold at least one, often more, specialty seminars per cruise. The themes of the seminars depends on the ships itinerary and are always tailor made to the goodies that the guests can purchase whilst in port. For example, while in the French Polynesia I will talk about Tahitian Pearls and in Greece and Turkey about gold jewelry, silk carpets and leather items.

I know you are here to spend the day with me, so instead of telling you all about my job, let's get to actually find the guests who are interested in what we have to offer. You might have seen already the welcome video on my exclusive Port Shopping Channel.

So now, the guests have just come on board, and shortly we will have the sail-away party. Most guests will be on the open decks, enjoying the departure from the port, looking forward to their vacation of a life-time. This is the perfect time to find our future shoppers. Here are the flyers for tomorrow's seminar on gold and gemstones. We need to go out, talk and mingle with the guests and hand out our flyers. And of course let them know, that we are the shopping specialists and that with us, they will not only learn some new, interesting things but also will be taught know about how to identify the true value of gemstones and gold.

With us they can get the bargain of a life-time and have a good time while shopping.

I hope you enjoyed your day with me, and tomorrow if you want to come along, we will go out and I can show you the best shops in port.

Heather Silva Fernandez, Spain