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A day in the life of a Floor Supervisor

Hi there, nice to meet you! I hear you will be spending the day with me to learn more about the job I do here on-board. I am from Namibia and my name is Heinrich.

As for my position, the title is also a bit misleading compared with working in hotels, where often a Floor Supervisor works in the Restaurant. Here, on-board most cruise ships, a Floor Supervisor works in the Housekeeping Department. With 3000 to 4000 guests on-board, we have 2000 cabins spread over many floors.

A day in the life of a Floor Supervisor

And I am in charge of one floor of guest cabins. Therefore the name of Floor Supervisor. Each Cabin Steward has a section of cabins he/she needs to clean. One section consists of about 20 cabins. So a floor of 200 cabins, means being in charge of these cabins and to supervise 10 cabin stewards/stewardesses. The stewards report to me, and I report to the Assistant Housekeepers, who in turn report to the Chief Housekeeper.

But let us continue my job and I will explain to you what I do. I am responsible for Deck 9 and in the morning, the first thing I do is to check that all stewards are on time, on their station and that they have their cleaning carts stocked up and ready.

Of course I also check the cabins after they have been cleaned, to make sure all is in order. The stewards need to report to me any technical repairs needed, such as not working lights, broken chairs, cracked tiles and much more.

I also make sure that the towels needed every day are brought up to the stewards in a timely manner. On linen change days, it is essential that the stewards have the new bed sheets, covers and pillow cases early in the morning, before they start entering any guest cabin.

On each floor we have a store room for supplies and various machines needed. I check the storage room several times a day, to make sure sufficient soap, shampoo, face towels, hand towels, bath and beach towels and linen are available. Not to forget toilet paper and tissues.

All our vacuum cleaners, shampooing machines, air blowers, cleaning supplies, and rags for cleaning can be found in our storage. All this needs to be in good order, so stewards do not loose time in doing their job, cleaning the cabins and having them ready for the guests, when they return.

If there are problems, concerns or any problems on the floor I am responsible for, the stewards need to beep me, and I will call them back or pass by and solve the problem. Since I work so closely with the stewards, I am also responsible for their work evaluation, which needs to be done at least once a contract, before they leave for vacations.

So you see, my job covers a broad spectrum and I can only do it, because I have worked as a steward onboard before. My work time is split in 2 shifts per day, early morning until all cabins are cleaned and then again at around 4 pm until all turn down service is finished.

I hope you had a good and informative day, here with me and hope to see you again soon.

Heinrich Muller, Namibia