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7 ways to prepare for a Cruise Job Fair

Attending a Cruise Job Fair can land you your dream job working within the cruise industry and travelling the world. But it’s still a highly competitive industry – follow these seven steps to make sure you create the right first impression and give yourself the best possible chance of securing a role on board.

1. Hone your CV

Your CV might not play as important a role at a job fair compared to applying for jobs online but it’s still a vital piece of your job hunter kit. Spend some time working on your CV, paying particular attention to your opening statement. Research exactly what keywords to use to highlight your skills. The Cruise Job Fair includes a CV clinic too, so if you’re struggling to get noticed heading here first will help you refine your approach before heading out to network.

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2. Do your research

Take the time to have a look at which companies are going to be present. Doing some research on the companies that you’re interested in can give you an advantage. Knowing their values, target market, routes and features can help you position yourself as a clued up, impressive candidate.

7 ways to prepare for a Cruise Job Fair

3. Prepare your first impression

Treat a Cruise Job Fair like a job interview when it comes to your first impression. Prepare your outfit before the big day, with a focus on creating a smart appearance and run through your introduction. Focus on selling yourself and showing your passion in a short period of time to capture attention in a busy environment.

4. Create a strategy

Hundreds of other potential candidates will be heading to the Cruise Job Fair and with so many different lines and recruiters it can be difficult to get around them all. Make a list of those exhibitors that are your top priority and a plan B list just in case you have a little time left over at the end of the day.

5. Plan your answers (and questions!)

Many companies exhibiting at will be offering pre-interviews to identify candidates they’ll want to speak with further. Prepare as you would for an interview, running through the common questions that are likely to come up. Remember to plan some of your own questions to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

6. Remember it’s about networking too

It’s easy to make a job fair all about searching for the perfect job but it has other benefits too. Remember to network as well; you could pick up some tips that will boost your chances and learn about what it’s like working for different companies.

7. Have a plan for following up

Following up with the people you meet at the job fair can land you that all important second meeting. Have a plan for how you’re going to do this, for instance, picking up business cards and gathering information on the day.