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4 Reasons to Study an Online Accounting Degree While Working on a Cruise Ship

Those who are looking for a long term, stable career should consider studying for an accounting degree. Accountants are in constant demand and there is never any shortage of individuals and businesses looking to hire accountancy services.

Online degrees were once something of a joke, the notion of an online degree carried with it connotations of being, at best, inferior to a regular degree. So-called mail order degrees, where untoward institutions give out degrees for a fee further muddied the waters. However, online degrees are now every bit as legitimate as their campus counterparts and they are a valid entry point for a number of careers.

4 Reasons to Study an Online Accounting Degree While Working on a Cruise Ship

You might think that working on a cruise ship would make studying difficult, however online degrees have opened the door for students to study from just about anywhere with an internet connection. Almost every cruise ship now has Wi-Fi capabilities as the industry has invested heavily in infrastructure. While there are still some ships with slow and expensive internet, this is no longer the norm.

Studying an online degree while on a cruise ship is therefore a possibility and an accounting degree is particularly worthy of consideration.

Excellent Prospects

An accounting degree will open the door to a number of potential career paths as jobs in accounting are varied and the services of accountants are in constant demand. This makes an accounting degree a very sensible option in terms of the returns you will gain, in the form of a salary, with the investment required in tuition fees.

Work in Any Industry

Once you have earned an accounting degree and learned how to provide services to businesses and individuals, you are then free to provide your services to whoever you choose. If you go freelance, then you will be relying on clients to come to you, however, businesses in all industries need accountancy services and you can choose which of these you approach.

Online accounting degrees are an excellent way to gain a useful qualification during your spare time while on a cruise ship.

Transferrable Skills

Accounting is essentially the same throughout the world and the only thing that will change is the local tax laws. However, part of your accountancy training will cover how to interpret the relevant documents and how to understand the legal terms you are most likely to encounter.

This means that with an accounting degree you will be free to choose where you work geographically as well as industrially. Not many degrees offer quite the same level of freedom. Having been on a cruise ship, you will probably have some experience with other countries and may well have a dream destination in mind.

An Online Accounting degree, studied part time, is perfectly suited to those who are already in employment and are looking to gain a useful qualification for when they finish.

Flexible Conditions

The greatest strength of online degrees is that they are cheaper and more flexible than a traditional degree. An online degree can be studied either part-time or full-time, with part-time study designed to make courses accessible to people who have other commitments such as work or family.

An accounting degree is an excellent way to gain access to work in just about any industry you choose. By studying online, you can save money and study while already in work.