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How to make sure your CV/Resume makes it past the 30 second rule

So you have written your CV/Resume, made sure it includes details of all your professional milestones, and now you wonder if it's any good.

Now I would like you to look at your CV/Resume as a recruiter would. That is how it looks from their point of view when they receive it. By doing this and understanding what they see when they look at your CV, I am sure you will then be able to write applications in a way that will pass the recruiters 30 second rule.

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A recruiter in the cruise industry receives on average 200 applications everyday!

They must quickly decide which ones are promising and sort them by positions which need filling urgently and which positions can be filled at a later date. Then they will initiate the first interview, discuss your application with Department Heads and progress with the hiring process.

So you can imagine the time spent on looking at every incoming CV/Resume is very, very short. A recruiter will scan through each one in – you guessed it – 30 seconds.

How to make sure your CV/Resume makes it past the 30 second rule

These 30 seconds are crucial because after 30 seconds the decision is made - your CV/Resume either goes on the yes pile – or in the bin. This might be a shock to you, but it's the reality.

Therefore when you write your CV/Resume imagine how it will look to the recruiter.

Remember the recruiter knows nothing about you, so it is crucial for you to introduce yourself in a well formatted CV/Resume and show that you are the best candidate for the job.

You need to stand out, in a good way, and this can be best achieved by concentrating on the relevant information only. Do not give a recruiter more to read than is necessary.

I suggest you set a timer for 30 seconds and then look at your CV to test what information you can get from it within those 30 seconds.

Information such as do you like the format? Can the relevant information be spotted in 30 seconds? Is the important information there? Is your CV/Resume easy readable? Did you sign and date it? Are the various points lined up correctly? Can you see your latest job? Can you see the dates for each employment, and how your work experience relates to the position you are applying for?

Another idea is to ask someone you trust to also look through your CV/Resume for 30 seconds, and give you their honest feedback.

Now you are aware of the 30 second, I am sure you can write a good CV/Resume, that will appeal to recruiters and help secure your desired job on board a cruise ship.

Written by Scarlet Perez