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Norwegian Cruise Line - Job Fairs
Be a part of NCL's Hawaii Crew. Sign on with Pride of America and your new address will be the ...
11th April 2013
Life on board the Seabourn Spirit
See this excellent video with highlights of life on-board the Seabourn Spirit: ...
8th April 2013
What is working on a cruise ship like?
What does working on a cruise ship mean to people who have spent many months working on one? Days of the ...
4th March 2013
A day in the life of a Chief Purser
Today is disembarkation/embarkation day and it is 4 am. I am the Chief Purser on board a ship with around 700 ...
10th February 2013
A day in the life of a Crew Purser
My job title already tells you what my main task is. I am dealing with all administration for ...
27th January 2013
Cruise Recruiting Day in Bremerhaven
Connect Worldwide Recruiting we will hold the 3rd Cruise Recruiting Day in Bremerhaven on 25th January 2013. After successful events in ...
8th January 2013
Seabourn Recruitment Video
See this excellent video about working on-board Seabourn's cruise ships. ...
16th December 2012
Expected Standards of Appearance for Cruise Ship Crew
Crew Members directly represent the Cruise Line, and therefore must convey a professional image through grooming, attire and personal hygiene ...
2nd December 2012
Significance of Epaulettes worn by Cruise Ship Staff
Staff on board a cruise ship are identifiable by uniform and name tags. The stripes (epaulettes) worn on their shoulders ...
18th November 2012
History of Cruising
Sailing away from everyday life on-board a 'floating city' towards a variety of exotic destinations is a dream escape for ...
5th November 2012
Cruise Sailing Calendar
The following calendar includes most popular destinations for cruise holidays throughout the year:   JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL ...
23rd October 2012
Religious Services On-board Cruise Ships
Whether you're looking to worship everyday, or just to celebrate certain holidays, cruise ships offer passengers a variety of on-board ...
14th October 2012
Health Care for Employees on a Cruise Ship
Working on a cruise ship you will have many exciting travel experiences, so it is important to remain healthy to ...
30th September 2012
A day in the life of an o Stewardess
A Steward or Stewardess on-board a cruise ship is the equivalent to a maid in a luxury hotel. As you know, ...
16th September 2012
A day in the life of a Desktop Publisher
This is an unusual job title, I know - and I'm sure many of you are not familiar with it. ...
2nd September 2012