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A good photo could increase your chances
Having a photo on your Resume / CV is seen by many recruiters as a positive thing. Recruiters are by law ...
28th January 2015
A day in the life of a Provision Master
Where are the two pallets of lemons?! Oh hi, sorry, I didn't realize that you were already here. My name ...
18th January 2015
A day in the life of a Photographer
Here I am, it is six o'clock in the morning and I am going on shore with the passengers to ...
4th January 2015
A day in the life of a Hotel Utility
Hi everyone ! It's 10 pm on day 180 of my contract which is 272 days long. So I have done ...
21st December 2014
It starts at “Hello”
In my role as a Internal Recruiter I spend a lot of my day phoning potential candidates who have applied ...
17th December 2014
A day in the life of a Florist
Hi everyone! My name is Marcus and I work as a florist in my little shop on board this ship. ...
7th December 2014
Online Recruiting Event by Kontoships
Kontoships and Sea Chefs are pleased to announce that they will be conducting online interviews on January 29th 2015. Experienced candidates ...
4th December 2014
How to self assess your language skills
The cruise industry is a truly global employer and having good language skills are imperative to obtain a position on ...
23rd November 2014
Working on Cruise Ships - Income Tax (UK)
When a person receives an income above the provided personal allowance, and is a resident of the UK or ...
19th November 2014
The A, B, Seas of Working on a Cruise Ship
Watch this funny video summarising life and work on-board a cruise ship: ...
9th November 2014
A day in the life of a member of the Cruise Staff Team
A very good morning to you. My name is Beatrice and my position onboard is called Cruise Staff. A little ...
26th October 2014
A day in the life of a Kitchen Steward
Ya man! Welcome in my kingdom, the galleys. My name is Wilson, but everyone calls me "Shorty". And no, it ...
12th October 2014
Where do the Royal Caribbean employees come from?
Over 55,000 crew members from more than 120 countries work on-board Royal Caribbean's cruise ships. The map below shows where the ...
28th September 2014
A-ROSA - Recruitment day in Cologne, Germany
Join A-ROSA and become a part of our dedicated crew. Experience the team spirit, passion and above all the desire ...
25th September 2014
A day in the life of a Galley Utility
Good morning everyone. It is 3.30 am and I am surprised that someone else is up at the same time ...
14th September 2014