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This section of the website contains many articles which you may find useful if you're looking for a job onboard a cruise ship.

Tax Free Income
The allure of the tax free income offered by cruise line employment is almost too much for job seekers to ...
25th September 2010
STCW'95 Training
STCW'95 stands for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping and came into international effect in February 2003 in order to ...
19th September 2010
What do you want to know?
What would you like to know about working on a cruise ship? Send us your questions, we will do our ...
13th September 2010
STCW Training and Certificate
In 1978, the first International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping (STCW) were introduced. They were set up ...
12th September 2010
Difference between Super Yachts and Cruise Ships
When you're looking for employment onboard a ship, there are a number of differences between working on a super yacht ...
4th September 2010
A Good Covering Letter
As in any life situation, it’s always good to make a first impression. When you’re searching for a job, your ...
30th August 2010
How to get a Cruise Ship job the easy way
eBook Review Cruise Recruitment Information Pack© Mermaid Group 2010 103 pages Providing information for job seekers, the Cruise Recruitment Information Pack published ...
25th August 2010
The Crew Shop
A new, fantastic service for employees onboard cruise ships has been launched by The Crew Shop. Here is what they ...
21st August 2010
Tips from a Recruiter
When applying for any job remember the old true saying "first impressions count". This cannot be more important than when ...
7th August 2010
How to Become a Casino Croupier on a Cruise Ship
The first Ship I worked on was called the Vista Fjord which back in 1997 was owned by the Cunard ...
2nd August 2010
Internet access for employees onboard a cruise ship
Before you start your new career at sea away from family and friends, set yourself up with an internet email ...
28th July 2010
Job Hierarchy Onboard a Cruise Ship
Once you’re ready to delve into the world of cruising as a career choice, you must also be prepared to ...
25th July 2010
Is The Mermaid Group a Scam?
We have received a number of queries from users of our website about the credibility of The Mermaid Group, a ...
20th July 2010
Life on a Cruise Ship - RAP!
A bunch of young people who worked together onboard Dawn Princess produced an excellent, funny and true rap song "Life ...
15th July 2010
Introducing Harding Brothers
The Harding Brothers group of companies was founded over sixty years ago. The group has successfully expanded into a number ...
4th January 2010