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Working for a Concessionaire vs. a Cruise Line
When you’re seeking a job with a cruise line, don’t forget to apply to both the cruise line itself and ...
28th November 2010
Medical Check-Up for Employees
Once you have landed that job onboard a cruise ship, there is quite some paperwork you have to complete, maybe ...
21st November 2010
Safety Onboard Cruise Ships
When you start working onboard a cruise ship, a very important part in your new life will be the safety ...
14th November 2010
How to Overcome Sea Sickness
One of the worst feelings you can experience while at sea is that horrible stomach nausea where you feel like ...
7th November 2010
Large or small cruise ship – which one is better to work on?
Many people who think about working onboard a cruise ship ask, to which ship they should send their application to. ...
31st October 2010
Search for a Chef - VIDEO
Royal Caribbean searched for a Head Chef to lead their signature restaurant onboard one of the largest cruise ships in ...
26th October 2010
Cruise Ship Jobs for Graduates
A lot of jobs on offer in the marketplace today require applicants of a graduate standing. As well as the obvious ...
17th October 2010
What will be my expenses while working onboard a cruise ship?
One of the most questions regarding working onboard a cruise ship is: "How much money will I make / can ...
10th October 2010
Staffing World's Largest Cruise Ships - VIDEO
What does it take to staff the two world's largest cruise ships? See what goes into searching, hiring, training ...
3rd October 2010
Tax Free Income
The allure of the tax free income offered by cruise line employment is almost too much for job seekers to ...
25th September 2010
STCW'95 Training
STCW'95 stands for Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping and came into international effect in February 2003 in order to ...
19th September 2010
What do you want to know?
What would you like to know about working on a cruise ship? Send us your questions, we will do our ...
13th September 2010
STCW Training and Certificate
In 1978, the first International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping (STCW) were introduced. They were set up ...
12th September 2010
Difference between Super Yachts and Cruise Ships
When you're looking for employment onboard a ship, there are a number of differences between working on a super yacht ...
4th September 2010
A Good Covering Letter
As in any life situation, it’s always good to make a first impression. When you’re searching for a job, your ...
30th August 2010