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This section of the website contains many articles which you may find useful if you're looking for a job onboard a cruise ship.

New Service: Cruise Job Help
We launched a new consultancy service, Cruise Job Help, offering tailored advice to everyone looking for a cruise ship job. Are ...
19th July 2011
Working on a cruise ship? Best experience of my life!
Working on a cruise ship is the best experience of my life. There are a few things you need to ...
10th July 2011
What you need to know before you apply for a cruise job
A lot of people ask where to apply and how one would get a cruise job, and how it is ...
26th June 2011
In Port Manning
Besides the regular Safety Training (Weekly compulsory crew drills, Safety Training Sessions, Passenger Drills) there is another Safety schedule in ...
12th June 2011
Ship in Dry-Docks. What do crew members do?
The same as your car needs to be checked on a regular basis, a ship needs to be checked so ...
29th May 2011
Master of the Ship and Department Heads
A cruise ship is like a little village, where many people of different nationalities and cultural background life on a ...
15th May 2011
Employee Evaluations
Like with positions on land, employees onboard cruise ships are evaluated on their job performance. Due to the constant change ...
1st May 2011
Guest Comment Cards
In the last days of every cruise, the guests will receive a comment card to fill out. The cruise line would ...
17th April 2011
Crew Cabins
Your cabin will be your home for the next 4, 6, 8 or more months, depending on how long your ...
3rd April 2011
How to Treat Guests
Guests are the bread and butter for the cruise line - and therefore for you. Without guests, the cruise line ...
20th March 2011
Romantic Relationships at Work
Already on land, a good percentage of people find their future partners at the workplace, so why would a ship ...
6th March 2011
Internet, Email, Phone, Fax and Mail on Cruise Ships
While communication onboard cruise ships has improved greatly in the last few years, staying in touch with friends and family ...
20th February 2011
Finding Friends
Ships life is very different from being on land. While living on land you might find new friends in your ...
13th February 2011
Discipline onboard a Cruise Ship
Besides the Safety Training, the other first thing you will hold in your hands, when you join a ship, is ...
30th January 2011
What to do before you start a new job
Ok, you have followed all the wonderful tips on this website, you have applied and gotten the long wanted position ...
16th January 2011